Thursday, February 25, 2010

Days 15 thru 18

Well 4 days have gone by since my last update...

Day 15 weigh in (down .8)
Day 16 weigh in (down .6)
Day 17 weigh in (down 1.8)
Day 18 weigh in (down .8)

Total so far this week 4 pounds

I have been doing this now for 18 days and my total weigh loss is 20 pounds!

I think I am going to keep going a little longer than I originally planned. I need to stop for a while mid March. My Bday is St Patricks day and there is usually a lot of celebrating going on that day! and I have family coming in...I was going to stop on Tuesday but I think I will go another week past. I find that I almost have to force myself to eat the meals I am suppose to. I am just not hungry or interested. So since I am in this space I might as well go as long as I can. I will take a break for my Bday and start again sometime after Easter again. I am going to do this at least two times maybe three.

Well tomorrow is my Weight Watcher Day every Friday morning I go with a friend, I look forward to it, so it will be exciting to see what my official weight loss is with them...

Til tomorrow....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 13 & 14

Made it through the weekend! Usually my hardest time...Even had dinner for 8 on Saturday night and did just fine....My weight was a little discouraging though...

Saturday (stayed exactly the SAME)
Sunday (down .5)

I was very good on the diet, I did have two cocktails on Friday night and one Saturday night. I have just bubbly water and a squeeze of orange so the only calories are in the vodka I even stayed with in my 500 calories. So who knows....

It is very interesting though how satisfied I really am. I had my tomato soup with chicken today which is more than satisfying. A must!

Anyways looking forward to a new week!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 12

Wow what a morning!

I woke up early and felt refreshed with lots of energy! I wondered how my weight would be since I ate that omelet yesterday. (down 1.2 pounds)

I was excited this morning because I have been going to weigh watchers now every Friday morning with a friend, in January it was a year since I have been going. For the last year I always stayed at about 15 pounds gaining it and losing it. I was anxious today to do my official weigh in there. Down 31.8 pounds since I started that sure felt good!!!!

Today I am full of energy I honestly believe that a good night sleep is EXTREMELY important while you are in the HCG phases. My lunch today is my fast lunch or if I have to take food with me its easy and does not need to be cooked.

Shrimp and Celery
8 shrimp I put them in a plastic bag and put a few shakes
of Franks Hot Sauce in there and shake it up
2 pieces of celery cut into 6 pieces..Yummy and easy!
Tonight is Friday night so I will have my weekend treat which is getting to have a cocktail
I will mix vodka
orange soda water (with no sugar or anything in it all Natural)
maybe a splash of orange juice
and a piece of orange (I will give up one of my fruits for the day in exchange)
I did this both Friday and Saturday night last weekend actually Sunday night too since we celebrated Valentines day and I had not change in weight due to this!
I do try to eat shrimp as one of my meals on the days I think I might have a cocktail
because it is lighter in calories than meat.
Since there are some calories in the vodka so I still stay in my 500 calorie a day limit...
Happy Weekend! Here's to a good one! Cheers....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 11

Of Course I was anxious to weigh in this morning!

I was a little tired this morning because my 5 year old got up at 3:30a.m. and asked to climb into bed with me and 3 in a queen bed is not cozy specially when you are in the middle! So waking up groggy I weighed in (down 1.2 pounds)

My day is kind of slow...I am very tired and it seems to effect me. I starting reading a food and wine magazine which was the WRONG thing to do! It made me hungry and think about cheating. I wondered what has been said about cheating on the HCG diet so I did some Internet research on it and came up with an excellent website. Please check out the website above. Great advice, recipes, where to get HCG, all kinds of helpful info.

So I poured myself a cup of tea and enjoyed reading through the site...I NO longer had the urge to cheat, not that I really thought I might but I just started thinking about food I was missing!

I decide to try something different so I decided I would have a spinach omelet. I am not a big meat eater and I know if you are a vegetarian you can have this so I thought I would give it a try it was yummy...

Spinach Omelet

1 whole egg
3 egg WHITES
mix together
added red pepper flakes
dried onions
Saute a whole bunch of spinach

cooked all together and topped with Tabasco
Pretty quiet day! I would say pretty tired so took it easy and found lots of good new info on the Internet regarding HCG and drops...
Also tried a new dinner which was quiet interesting (even though it does not sound good) it was!
Hash Casserole
100 grams protein of your choice (I chose ground turkey)
5 large radishes
garlic salt
red onion
chicken broth ( I made)
I cooked the meat and then grated the radishes into the meat and added the spices and onions and saute and cooked for a while. The radishes seem to lose their harsh taste and almost tasted like eating hash browns...Very good I will have again....
Good Night to a quiet day! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 10

Another day, I did my usual morning weigh in (down .5 pounds)

It was kind of discouraging when I have been losing so much everyday. But then I had to remember that sometimes I am excited when I go to weigh in at Weight Watchers and I am down a pound all week... I am down a total of 13 pounds today.

I can actually and honestly say today I feel great! Not nearly as moody as usual, not hungry at all!

I am starting to see that even when I go back to eating normal (which would be my new way of normal) that certain food will be a treat. And to eat healthier and pay more attention to my choices...

Another thing which has really helped me through this diet is using a lot of spices. I am a persons who LOVES HOT food. So if I can spice stuff up I am much more satisfied. Also drinking tea (which I have never liked tea) adding a little stevia really helps sweeten it.

Today's Food:

drops in the a.m.
lots of water

drops afternoon
ground chicken lots of garlic and spices
apple cider vinegar with celery salt, pepper, onion powder dressing very good!


drops p.m.
8 Shrimp in a baggie mixed with Franks hot sauce
2 pieces of celery

chamomile tea always before bed!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 9

I woke up this morning anxious to step on the scale this morning...(down 1.2 pounds)

I feel good, I am really not hungry at all and so excited to be doing this and having these kind of results that nothing can stop me right now! After picking my 5 year old up from school I took him to the cookie store where I always get a cookie too, it didn't bother me at all NOT to get one.

I did wait a little long to eat my first meal today, I finally ate at 2:45pm so I do get frustrated easily and try hard not to with me 5 year old. Because I know its ME NOT HIM.

My husband called today just to check in with me, he is very supportive! Which really helps...

For lunch I found one of the most satisfying meals....

Tomato Turkey Soup
100 grams ground turkey or beef cooked
garlic fresh
red pepper flakes
1 can diced tomato's
*** I added about a 1/4 cup chicken broth
Brown the meat with spices, then add the broth and can of tomato's bring to a boil then cook on low heat for 10 mins...delicious!
***( I made the broth myself, a few cut up chicken breast pieces with onion powder, garlic, celery salt, boiling for 20 mins then removing the chicken and you have your broth which comes in handy for different things when cooking)
I don't even like tomato soup and this is so yummy! and satisfying, when I first made it I was not sure but I thought if I don't like it I will just throw it out and start over. I have now made it twice and look forward to it!
Another day down! Wow this is exciting.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

My first week with HCG

Today is officially my first 8 days taking HCG.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 40 years old. I have struggled with weight most of my adult life. I have tried every diet out there, even phen fen back when it became popular, and yes it worked for a short period of time but eventually I gain all the weight back plus a lot more.
Isn't that the outcome of every diet?

I would like to lose about 100lbs. I have been a weight watcher ( for the 3rd or 4th time) for a year now and managed to keep off 15lbs over the last year. It can get frustrating just going up and down and really not getting to far!

I started reading the book by Kevin Trudeau and found it fascinating. It did seem like there was a lot of information and a lot of supplements to take. But my husband was very supportive and said let's give it a try! So for three weeks I followed his phase 1 and ate all organic foods and took the supplements he suggested. I did NOT lose much weight at all but knew I was being healthier. So I stuck to it! I started to wonder more about phase 2. I was a little concerned about it since it was 500 calories a day and taking injections!!! That just DID NOT sound right to me. But the thought of loosing at least a pound a day did catch my attention. And I am pretty much ready to try ANYTHING. So I started the research........

I found that you can not get HCG in the United States with out a prescription. You can buy it out of the US there are people who will ship it to you. I also found a local naturalist doc who does give the HCG injections but it was about $750 for 23 days. I just did not want to spend that kind of money. The injections you could get but out of the US for around $200, but I was not sure about giving them to myself either! Then I found a company actually several who sold a homeopathic drop that was placed under your tongue so I started that research.......

I called/emailed many people from some of the site I found out there. I watched several news reviews on the HCG. And definitely decided this was something I was going to try. I decided to start with the drops since several people said they had done both the drops and injections and actually preferred the drops. I figure I am going to give this a few different tries since I have so much weight to lose. The injections were going to take about 10 plus days to get to me and the drops I would have in 3 days. I was anxious to get started, so I went with the drops. I figured when I do this again I would make a decision if I would stick with drops or try injections. I ordered the drops and decided I would start with 23 days. I spent about $180 for the drops a supplement and a cook book that was worth every penny!!! (I will share some of my food ideas and menus as I continue to write each day through my journey). I know this still sounds like a lot of money BUT when you think about it it is less than $10 a day to do something healthy that sounded like it might work.
I started the drops on Feb. 6th, I am just finishing technically my 10th day but my eighth day of the "500 calories" a day part...
Here's what they have looked like so far....
The first two days I ate everything I wanted for two days, lots of fattening food. This is what you are told to do. Not sure if I ate enough, next time I do this phase I will eat more those days!
Its hard when you have been conscience of food your whole life to be told to eat everything for two days non stop.
The beginning of the "500 calorie" a day part went as follows...
Day 1 was ok...little hungry (I weighed myself first thing in the morning)
Day 2 Very Hungry and started to get a bit moody (down 3 pounds)
Day 3 Still Hungry and moody, but excited about the weight loss (down 3 more!)
Day 4 Getting a bit better and use to the routine. Body starting to adjust (down 1.4 pounds)
Day 5 Excited about the weight loss, I had a treat this evening and did have a cocktail (vodka soda water orange flavor with part of a squeezed orange) (down 1.4 pounds)
Day 6 Curious this morning if I would see a change in weight due to the cocktail, still feeling moody but not as hungry as the begining and feeling like I am on a mission (down 1.4 pounds)
Date night with my husband for Valentines Day, we went to a movie instead of out to dinner. Hard not to eat popcorn but I did bring a cut up apple in my purse to the movies. I know this kind of sounds yuck but it did fulfill the need to eat something and it was fine. That night I did have two cocktails and about 3 sips of wine. We were celebrating the birth of a friends baby with a friend who only drinks great wine so I toasted with them.
Day 7 Not sure if it was the sugar in wine or if two cocktails was too much due to the calories in vodka even though there are not many on a 500 calorie diet they add up fast! Or the fact my body had just lost a bit of weight maybe just a small plateau (down .5 pounds)
Well today is Valentines Day and we are having friends over for dinner. We had tons of snacks and a great dinner! I was not tempted at all I am to determined and excited about the weight loss. And trying to get back on track after only losing a half pound from yesterday. Even though that is a lot more weight than I would sometimes loss in a WHOLE WEEK! I had two cocktails tonight and I ate my lunch (shrimp)while we had snacks that way I wasn't to hungry or tempted. I ate dinner with everyone but had my own dinner which was spinach and chicken, my guest had the same dinner they just had rice too so I did not feel deprived!
Day 8 Well I am way on my way, I feel good being down over 10 pounds and feel like I have been through the tough part! I am on a mission now! (down 1 pound) I do still feel moody from time to time but my husband is aware of it and I admit to it and just work around it. I am excited!! And looking forward to the days to come!
Please follow me if you want the true details on what I am doing on this journey of losing great weight fast, healthy, and learning how to keep it off for Life!
Down total 11.6 pounds